Employees who have been issued sick leave by a doctor and are in receipt of sick pay or wage replacement are obliged to comply with the Temporarily Incapacitated Insured Scheme and to allow monitoring of compliance.

What people on sick leave must comply with
People on sick leave are obliged to provide the attending doctor with a valid address of their place of residence during the period of temporary incapacity for work.
Mark the flat and bell with a name tag.
Show proof of identity at the check.
Produce the decision on the temporary incapacity for work.
Comply with the walking hours specified by the attending physician. As a general rule, these may be authorised for a maximum of 6 hours per day between 7am and 7pm.

How and when does the sick leave check take place?
Checks on compliance with the sick leave regime, which are designed to ensure that sick leave is not abused and that the legal rules are complied with, are carried out from the 15th day of sick leave by authorised employees of the district social security administrations (OSSZ). During the first 14 days of sick leave, the employer carries out the checks.

Employees who are on sick leave must follow the instructions of their doctor, i.e., inter alia, to stay in the place recorded directly on the sick leave certificate. If health permits, it is possible to go out on sick leave for a total of 6 hours a day, between 7am and 7pm.

When does the sick leave check come? Supervision of the employee’s compliance with the regime is carried out by the authorities without prior notice. In other words, a person on sick leave cannot speculate in advance about when the check will come. The employees of the Social Security Administration carry them out on the basis of a schedule of checks of their own choice, at the initiative of the attending physician or the employer, and the sickness check can be carried out repeatedly, possibly even at late hours, including on weekends or holidays.

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